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About the Teacher

     As a classroom teacher I hold an expectation of success for every learner that enters my classroom. It is my belief that students should be given the opportunity to develop into lifelong learners through a balanced education that addresses the needs of the individual as well as the group, so I love to have fun with my students and get to know them well. 
    Personally, the town of Nuevo isn't a new place to me. I too grew up in this town and attended both elementary schools and the middle school. The high school wasn't built when I was in 9th grade or you can bet I would have gone there as well. A few of my childhood teachers are still working at some sites, and seeing them continue to grow and shape minds is inspiring. I know that the little rural town of Nuevo is unlike other places and our students grow up in a loving family environment. 
    Formally, I have a Master’s degree in Educational Administration from Concordia University, as well as a Bachelor's of Arts in Liberal Studies from California State University San Bernardino. I also have 8 years of teaching experience in a fourth grade classroom at Valley View Elementary School and three years of teaching experience as a reading intervention TOSA in grades K-6.  In addition to teaching intervention groups. I currently fill in as administrative designee, IEP administrator, and SST coordinator. I also manage my school’s CAASPP and ELPAC testing yearly. I was honored to be the District Teacher of the Year in 2014-2015 as nominated by my peers and administration. Additionally I have won the STAR teaching award given out by our district teachers union twice.
   Reading is now my primary focus and I work hard to help motivate, educate, and develop a love for reading daily with my K-6 grade students. Reading is the key to success and I strive to make everyone successful.