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Disaster Procedures Valley View Elementary School

VVES Disaster Procedures 

This information has been compiled in order to prepare both you and your children in the event of a natural disaster. Here in California, the most likely disaster would be due to an earthquake, fire or other catastrophes. The following information is specific to earthquakes, however, the student release procedure will be in effect for all disasters of significant magnitude.


A major earthquake of "disaster" magnitude would, in all likelihood, lead to extensive damage to building structures, to gas and electricity shutdowns, and to a non-functioning telephone system. Major highways might be unusable for many weeks while the minor roads would be very congested and perhaps impassable also. A disaster plan has been devised to better prepare staff, pupils and parents for their role should a disaster occur.



  • DUCK AND COVER until ordered to evacuate. Obey office and/or teacher's order to evacuate.
  • Teacher or student picks up class "Emergency Kit" and LEAVES THE BUILDING with the children.
  • Children line up at the designated emergency area (the grass field area).
  • Teacher checks that all children are accounted for, administers first aid, and awaits administrative direction.
  • Buildings are checked to see that all people are out and that there are no obvious gas or electrical malfunctions.




  • After minor earthquakes, administrators and custodial staff assess damage/building safety. When the school is deemed safe, classes will resume.
  • After a major earthquake, students remain outside on the large grass area to await pick-up.
  • STUDENTS WILL BE RELEASED ONLY TO ADULTS LISTED ON THE EMERGENCY CARD. Check-out must be made through the student release team at the school’s front gate.
  • Walk or bike to pick up your child from school; NO CARS if possible. Streets, especially near the school, have to be kept clear for emergency vehicles.
  • Children not picked up will be cared for by school personnel on the school grounds or at a safe environment which will be posted.